You can register on the website jtmindia.com(registration link)
  • PV(purchase volume) : Specific purchase volume is given to every product/service. purchase volume of your team is calculated for your weekly payouts. combo family package have 1 PV .elite Combo Family Package have 2 PV.
  • BV(Business Volume) : every product carries business volume and calculated for your generation /Repurchase income.
  • RP (Reward points) : Reward points are given to certain products for sale promotion. Reward points are accumulated and when RP reached a value Reward is given to the direct seller. Team RP also calculated for Rewards
company gives monthly Royalty from its monthly sales turnover to active Direct sellers. Total sales is calculated monthly and distributed among Royalty achievers according to their business performance of current month. No, it is not fixed it may be higher or lower as compare to previous month and is totally dependent upon business turnover of the current month.
Of course! Simply  contact any direct seller and make a purchase. Otherwise registration is free you can register and can make Purchase.
You can select products available with the company. Visit website or read product catalogue.
You can write to support from your personal dashboard after login.
JTMINDIA have variety of products and services including clothing, travel destinations, and much product range coming soon. Please visit jtmindia.com regularly for the updates about products..
The earning potential of your JTMINDIA Business is entirely up to you! Some JTM Direct seller work their business part-time to help supplement their income, while others choose to work their business full-time earning substantial incomes.  Whether you just want a little extra spending money or to build wealth beyond your wildest dreams, JTMINDIA is here for you!